3. assessment

The 3rd of the4as is ASSESSMENT (of risk to you and others today)

As a driver, you will be constantly assessing risk, starting before you even get in your vehicle!
You could be the biggest risk.
Q. What are the kinds of things that may stop you from concentrating and being alert?
Q. Are you feeling fit and well today, or not?
Q. Have you taken any medication?
Q. Will you be able to concentrate and stay alert?
Q. Will you be able to judge speeds and distances?
Q. What about your mood, emotions or attitude?
Q. Do you think that you will always drive the same way, regardless of how you feel?
Q. What distractions are likely on your journey?
Q. Have you assessed your own strengths and weaknesses as a driver?
Q. Is your ultimate aim of getting there safely, enough to over-ride any temptation to take risks?
Q. Are you constantly rushing to get to places, taking risks?
Q. Maybe you get impatient and don’t like to be delayed ‘unnecessarily’?
Q. Are you likely to get irritated or are you tolerant of others’ mistakes?
Q. Are you accountable for your mistakes or is every problem always someone else’s fault?
Q. Maybe you are just a ‘show-off’, but is that a reason to kill or seriously injure yourself, or someone else?
Q. What would your friends or family think?
Q. What would you think if one of your friends or family had been in charge of a vehicle that had been involved in a serious incident that had been their fault?
If you want to drive fast it is easy, you can go to a racetrack, but when you are sharing the public roads with others the real skill is to drive at a safe and legal speed.
Q. Have you assessed other drivers’ behaviour?
Q. Are they always tolerant and cautious, well-behaved and respectful?
Q. Obeying all the rules of the road?
Q. Have you ever been in front of an aggressive or impatient driver, or driving late at night with friends, feeling tired, or just had an argument?
Q. How would you cope with these different situations?
Q. What if all 4 situations were happening at the same time?