The 2nd of the4as is AWARENESS (of general risks to all drivers and road users)

2. awareness

AWARENESS includes YOU, so are YOU AWARE when it comes to driving?
You’d be amazed at the number of people who lack awareness once they are behind the wheel. Have you ever been in a car with someone whose driving made you feel uneasy or frightened? Did you feel they were incompetent, ignorant, distracted,  or maybe they had a certain ‘attitude’? Did you tell them, or did you just make a mental note not to travel with them again?
As a car driver you are morally and legally responsible for approximately one tonne of machine travelling at speed. Do you think you need to concentrate and be fully alert? Are you likely to take your eyes off the road?……………. At 70mph you travel 30 metres in 1 second!

Stopping distance is broken down into 2 parts:
1.Thinking distance,
2.Actual braking distance.
If you are daydreaming about spending your Lottery winnings, it may take you a while to realise that the vehicle in front has stopped!
Are you aware that there are many possible distractions whilst driving, such as seeing something of interest outside the car, a text-message or phone-call, satnav or radio, eating, drinking or smoking, just to name a few.
Can passengers give you any problems? Do you think you may ever feel tired whilst driving? Do you think that sometimes you might feel pressured to travel at a speed other than your own choice? Are you aware of the effects that drugs and/or alcohol can have on you, or your passengers?  Can pedestrians give you problems, are they always focussed on keeping safe, or can they be distracted?


As a driver, do you think emotions play any part in your decisions? Is it possible to drive the same way whether you are in a good mood or bad? What about whether you are happy or sad? What if you are fed up, or angry, stressed or relaxed?
You need to be aware that there are times when you will need extra concentration and focus on the driving task.
Are you aware that attitude affects how people drive? Some drivers may be aggressive and view other vehicles that get in the way as a nuisance, or maybe that other drivers are too slow.
Other drivers are tolerant and are aware that everyone else is doing their best to get from A to B. There are some drivers that do not like driving and find the task of driving to be difficult. Their aim is simply get to their destination safely, as well as they can.
Be Physically Aware. People’s eyesight can change quite quickly. Be aware of the penalties and dangers of driving with defective eyesight. Injuries can affect your ability to drive temporarily or even permanently. Can you adapt your driving as life changes you? Maybe you can adapt your vehicle to help you overcome problems?